Dear Business Partners 

Over recent years R&M has established itself as a supplier of top-quality connectivity solutions in the Data Center sector. The new Netscale system in particular has proved to be a great success. Read about how this solution is used by the French insurance and banking group Groupama, for example, in the latest edition of our customer magazine CONNECTIONS. We are proud to be able to serve famous companies from all over the world as our customers. 

But the LAN market has seen many changes, too. New applications in the PoE sector, such as for example digital ceiling and POLAN, require efficient networks which continue to be based on copper. With Cat. 8.1, a new generation is now in the starting gates. R&M has a solution in this area, too. There is also great interest in the new quality seal PowerSafe which R&M is introducing for the Power over Ethernet range. Considerable demand and first successes are underscoring this clearly. 

In the Public Networks sector, R&M has suc­ceeded in engaging with other global telecom suppliers both with tried and tested and with new solutions. FTTx is experiencing a notable upturn both in Europe and in the Middle East. 

Smart path to customer benefit

With new, smart innovation processes, R&M is ensuring it can continue to launch ambitious new developments in all market segments. Customers and a worldwide inno­vation network are included from the very beginning. 

The owners feel very pleased that R&M is experiencing such success. The management has cleverly laid the tracks for future growth. The basis for this is, on the one hand, our strong brand, which stands for pioneering products but also for customer proximity and for the fast realization of customized solutions. Furthermore, our success is based on the aforementioned forward-looking innovation strategy which entails the development of the solutions of tomorrow today. 

Our committed employees are the basis of this success and our values are lived on all continents. At the HQ in Switzerland, CEO Michel Riva was honored to receive second prize in the Prix SVC for the Zurich business region, something of which we are most proud. We would like to thank you for your trust and partnership. 

Peter Reichle
Co-Owner and Member of the Board of Directors