Wide-scale FO network expansion can be accelerated considerably – something R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, is demonstrating at Anga Com 2018. The show is taking place in Cologne from June 12 to 14. Under the slogan "Building the future with you", an experienced team from the German R&M subsidiary Reichle & De-Massari GmbH in Gummersbach will be providing plenty of information on new innovations from R&M at the 120 m2 show stand 7/G30 which is designed as a construction site. 

Among other things, R&M is creating a POP station with the new optical distributor ODF Prime. The Prime can accommodate up to 5,376 fibers and offers the highest packing density to date in this segment. And that means network operators can accommodate considerably more broadband connections at distributor sites with restricted space. In addition, R&M is presenting application examples with multi-functional housings which can be used as mini POPs, as well as housing system solutions for splitters. 

FO Field 2

For the first time, R&M is presenting the field-terminable fiber-optic connector FO Field 2.0. Installers wire FO cables in buildings and distribution sites with the FO Field in under a minute. The innovative clamping device fixes both the cables as well as the actual core inside. The field-mountable connector can accommodate all standard FO cables, even butterfly cables. 

The Polaris-box 6 will be demonstrated to industry experts as a freely configurable platform for FO distributors and terminations on FTTH customer premises. Its area of use ranges from the building entry point on the facade or in the basement through floor distributors to power outlets in offices and apartments. Up to 12 plug and 60 splice connections as well as two trays for PLC splitters can be accommodated in the dust-tight and waterproof housing. Network operators can set up both point to point and point to multipoint infrastructures with the Polaris-box 6. Slotted seals developed by R&M simplify cable insertion. 


R&M is presenting the SYNO Dome Closure as a solution for subterranean fiber-optic distribution. It is characterized by its new quick mounting technology and innovative gel seal. A modular system for cable entries does away with cable threading and at the same time takes on the function of sealing. The variable cable entry kits support all configurations and mixed assemblies. The range encompasses seven cable entry kits for up to 16 cables, optimized for all typical cable diameters. Cables up to 28 mm and micro ducts up to 14 mm in diameter fit in the kits. The splice closure is suited to virtually any application - for example as a distribution, branch, or cable joint closure. Network operators can now plan their broadband projects more individually and at shorter notice. 


Another innovation from R&M is the micro data center telco edge. This makes it possible for network operators to create additional computing performance at the edge of the broadband networks in a flash. Central offices, hubs, POPs and head-ends are suitable locations. The growing data traffic requires more than just the massive expansion of the FO networks. Suppliers of cloud computing, of services related to the Internet of Things and of video and streaming channels must additionally outsource capacities to the edge. This is how they can process large quantities of data faster and closer to the consumers as well as shorten transmission paths and latency times. And that is exactly what edge data centers do.