Financial Sector

R&M, the global Swiss developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures has further strengthened its traditionally strong international position in the financial sector. Bank Headquarters in France, India and China were some of R&M's prominent new customers in 2015. They were looking for particularly secure, reliable LAN cabling as well as comprehensive support from planning right through to the installation and commissioning of the networks. In its specialist magazine CONNECTIONS No. 49, R&M published several case studies from the financial sector.

Bank customers all over the world are carrying out more than a billion financial transactions every day over the Internet. Financial institutions have to put considerable effort into executing this vast number of transfers reliably. This does not just include the investments in software and encryption systems, but also the provision of secure data networks and data centers. Because network interruptions in monetary transactions can have catastrophic consequences.

"Network security starts with the basics, the cabling," says R&M CTO Stefan Grätzer on the subject. R&M lists high-grade plug-in contacts, cables and distributors, precise network planning and error-free installations, faultless signal transmission and complete network monitoring as the crucial factors that make local data networks in banks and data centers more secure.

These were all requirements stipulated recently by banks such as the Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes in Lyon, the HDFC Bank in India and the Bank of Shaoxing in China for their new networks. All three banks had complete copper and FO system solutions from cabling specialist R&M installed in 2015.

The Bank of Shaoxing, a significant regional financial institute with 46 branches in the province of Zhejiang south of Shanghai, was particularly interested in installing a long-term solution in its new data center. It was looking for systems which are reliable and future-proof, and can manage large bandwidths. This is why R&M developed a concept with an FO backbone on the basis of OM3 cabling and parallel-optical connection technology. The tertiary cabling was realized with tried-and-tested Cat. 6 copper cabling and can be upgraded if necessary.

The HDFC Bank, based in Mumbai, is also relying on tried-and-tested copper platforms from the R&Mfreenet cabling program. The bank has found them simple to install and easy to upgrade. The platforms also offer the desired operational reliability. The bank is now using network components by R&M in more than 400 branches throughout India.

Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes (CERA) was planning an iconic office complex for the La Part-Dieu district of Lyon: the Tour Incity, the third highest building in France. The concept for office equipment and IT infrastructure was just as ambitious as the architecture itself. The aim was to connect 2700 workstations on 39 floors with a Cat. 6A / Class EA copper infrastructure. Intelligent future use scenarios were also to be taken into consideration.

Based on the cabling program R&Mfreenet, R&M developed an individual network solution with a Consolidation Point (CP) infrastructure for the CERA offices. The distributors are prepared for using the network monitoring system R&MinteliPhy. This means LAN administration can be automated at a later date.

About R&M

R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) is a leading global producer of future-proof products and systems for communication and data networks. The company's close collaboration with certified partners results in pioneering connectivity solutions in the sectors LAN, Public and Telecom Networks as well as Data Centers. The Swiss family company stands for innovation, quality, and proximity to customers. Thanks to the innovative strength of the company, R&M now covers the entire connectivity range.