R&M, the global Swiss developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, is showing data centers how to automate their management of complex network infrastructures. In the R&M customer magazine CONNECTIONS no. 49, the cabling specialist explains the functional principle behind the latest automated infrastructure management (AIM) systems and how to plan them and apply them in practice.

“Even as recently as a few years ago, a relatively manageable number of cables was all that was needed to network switches and servers in a data center,” writes Dr. Thomas Wellinger, Market Manager Data Centers at R&M, in his background report. “Nowadays, the number of ports and fibers has exploded. High-scale, dynamic infrastructures call for new management methods. Automation is the order of the day – and it works on the basis of networks.” Automation is not only required out of technical and operational considerations and due to increased network complexity: There are also economic reasons, says Dr. Wellinger. A recent R&M study in a large European installation showed that using the AIM system achieved an 85% reduction in the time required for monitoring and documenting cabling. Validity and accuracy were also increased to virtually 100%, while the mean time to repair (MTTR) was reduced by between 30 and 50%. “Overall, therefore, a data center is made more productive,” says the expert from R&M.

And then there is the question of compliance. “Professional data centers have to comply with numerous standards, security regulations, and legal requirements. Frequent certification audits need to be carried out. Having an automated infrastructure management setup can be a great help in this regard,” underlines Dr. Wellinger.

As well as the strategic tips for data centers, the customer magazine also provides information on products and technologies for network monitoring.

Other specialist articles in the R&M customer magazine Connections no. 49 look at current trends in structured office and building cabling. Matthias Gerber, Market Manager Office Cabling at R&M, describes the possibilities for using passive optical LAN (POL) in office buildings. R&M researcher Dr. Jan Kupec reports on the evolution of Ethernet and explores the background to the planned standardization of 2.5 and 5 gigabit Ethernet.

International sales staff contribute fascinating case studies and reports from users on their experience with R&M’s cabling solutions. These range from the most cutting-edge medical data center in Poland and banking projects in India and China through to Muscat International Airport in Oman and the headquarters of Australia’s industry association in Melbourne. Readers will find out what today’s customers want from their structured cabling system and how each individual task was completed successfully.

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