R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, is presenting its latest innovative automated infrastructure management system for today's data center environments at Data Centre World, November 27-28, Paris. 

The more powerful networks become, the more complex physical infrastructures get. Until now, there has been a vast omission in an automated end to end connectivity management. As a result, many network administrators are still manually documenting their cabling plant. The R&MinteliPhy Port Monitoring Cords bridge a crucial segment of automated cabling management: the link between the patch panel and equipment port. 

Port Monitoring Cords extend cabling visibility to the server, switch and storage ports. They deliver end-to-end visibility, automate network documentation, continuously monitor connectivity and supervise changes. 

This end-to-end AIM system removes blind spots in physical networks by identifying ports using RFID-based port markers. R&M is showing how downtime and mean time to repair can be reduced with a fully integrated R&MinteliPhy Automated Infrastructure Management System. 

R&M will also be demonstrating Netscale Blade Cabling Manager (BCM): its latest fiber management system for modular switches, which is setting new standards in the market. It has been specifically designed for high-density port switches and enables a reliable, flexible, and highly efficient cable infrastructure throughout the data center. It’s switch cabling. Made neat. 

By moving from traditional low-density cabling to high-density, structured cable solutions, data centers can implement physical network infrastructure in a far more manageable and flexible manner. The Netscale BCM routes cable directly from switch ports to patch panel ports below, above or beside the switch.

It removes the need for cable management at the side of the cabinet. Space savings, cost reductions, and enhanced efficiency are realized by ensuring clear port representation and ease of access. 

Journalists are invited to learn more about these innovations from R&M’s experts at stand D46 at Data Centre World Paris.