R&M fiber optic specialist discusses how physical infrastructure protection helps safeguard investment in network infrastructure

R&M, the global Swiss developer and provider of cabling systems for high-end network infrastructures, is a gold sponsor of this year’s FTTH Council Conference, held in Luxembourg from February 16-18. R&M will be exhibiting and Tobias Münzer, Market Manager for Public Networks, will be speaking on February 18, 2016, 9:40 – 10:55, Conference Room 1, Session 9.

During his presentation, Tobias will discuss different ways to minimize the risk of failures and how physical infrastructure could be protected by using the right solutions for each application and exemplifies proposals for monitoring systems, “Fiber to the Home rollouts are constantly moving ahead and fibre is, without any doubt, the most future proof network solution,” explains Tobias. “The biggest portion of any FTTH rollout investment goes to civil works in the Outside Plant Area. Solutions which are going to be used in that area, have to be resistant to a wide range of environmental influences, including temperature changes, mechanical influences, long term UV influences, water & humidity intrusions and vibration.”

“Proper installation and handling of those products is one of the key points in ensuring long-term reliable infrastructure. Nevertheless, the reality shows that failure, damage or even destruction as a result of accidents, vandalism or the aforementioned environmental influences are happening on a daily basis and cannot be completely avoided.”

“If such an incident occurs, the main challenge is not only to notice that the there is an interruption of the signal, because this can be easily done by checking the traffic of the active devices. The operator needs to identify the type of failure as soon as possible, to correct the incident very quickly, or even prevent the infrastructure from damage related to environmental influences. There are various ways of doing so with several solutions, which will be discussed during the presentation.” 

R&M shows at booth G.16 its product portfolio as well as innovative new products.

Please find more details on www.ftthconference.eu

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