R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures is introducing the Netscale Blade Cabling Manager (BCM), one fiber optic solution to address vertical and horizontal modular switches for cloud networking.

Mobile, video and storage traffic growth is continuing to push the technology curve to meet the world’s growing IT demands. Cloud data centers are getting larger, and enterprises are embracing cloud networking for their private clouds. Modular high-density port switches are the building blocks for the modern cloud.

The Netscale BCM is specially designed for these modular high-density port switches and enables a reliable, flexible, and highly efficient cable infrastructure throughout the data center. It’s switch cabling. Made neat.

By moving from traditional low-density cabling to high-density, structured cable solutions, data centers can implement the physical network infrastructure in a much more manageable and flexible manner. The Netscale BCM routes cables directly from switch ports to the patch panel ports below the switch, above it or on its side.

It can remove the need for cable management in the cabinet side. Space savings, cost reductions, and enhanced efficiency are realized by ensuring clear port representation and ease of access.

About R&M

R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) is a leading global producer of future-proof products and systems for communication and data networks. The company's close collaboration with certified partners results in pioneering connectivity solutions in the sectors LAN, Public and Telecom Networks as well as Data Centers. The Swiss family company stands for innovation, quality, and proximity to customers. Thanks to the innovative strength of the company, R&M now covers the entire connectivity range.