A recent study by Diffraction Analysis amongst 400 users measures the differences in broadband usage between FTTH/B users and legacy DSL users in Portugal shows FTTH/B users are much more satisfied with all aspects of their broadband solution. 88% declare themselves satisfied or very satisfied. Amongst for DSL users, satisfaction levels peaked at 75%. According to the study, 85% of DSL users would upgrade to fiber broadband if they upgraded. DSL users had relatively low satisfaction levels with the aspects they consider the most important about the product. They feel they’re paying too much for what they consider an inferior product. The outcome of the survey, commissioned by the FTTH Council Europe, is in line with findings of a survey held in Sweden several years ago. Results were presented at the most recent FTTH Council Europe Conference in Warsaw.

Successful partnership

Portugal is currently one of the more mature fiber markets. Since 2008, the major telecom operators have been making significant investments in the expansion of FTTH/B. Vodafone has become a major FTTH provider in Portugal. For more than five years, R&M has acted as a supplier for Portugal Telecom (PT) and Vodafone. The successful business relationship began with one of the nation's largest ever FTTH projects. Within a year, PT was offering FTTH connections to one million homes. R&M’s Venus boxes and fast mounting technology played a crucial role in enabling this. Without sacrificing installation quality, a record installation time of four hours on average per household was achieved. For its successful FTTH rollout and inclusive market strategy, Portugal Telecom was awarded the FTTH Council Europe Innovation Prize.

The success was also the result of R&M’s ability to offer individual and total quality solutions. FTTx solutions are based on the R&Mfoxs cabling system, which enables the rapid construction of access networks depending on local conditions and market strategies. R&Mfoxs supports point- to-point (P2P) and/or point-to-multipoint (P2MP) architectures, as well as high power and xWDM applications for ultra-fast broadband networks. R&M FTTx solutions are offered along with consulting expertise, logistics, planning support and good relationships with installers.

“FTTH/B users are more satisfied on all counts, not only with download speed but upload speeds and latency as well, therefore a reliable and sustainable Layer 1 infrastructure is key” says Tobias Muenzer, Market Manager Public Networks, R&M. “Satisfaction levels amongst Portuguese Vodafone FTTH customers were as high as 93%, according to the study. Although the initial outlay is often seen a barrier to broadband rollout and adaption, the higher network stability and reliability result in high customer satisfaction and therefor payback of the investment and an improved competitive position for the network provider in relation to DSL providers.”

Presentation of the Diffraction Analysis study results

About R&M

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