Leading colocation data centers enable their customers to tap into an abundance of service providers to customize the network, cloud and IT solutions for their operations. The foundation of this service provider variety is laid in the building entrance facilities. The entrance facility is the location where the Telecom Service Provider equipment and demarcation points interconnect with the data center. Its equipment is critical to the security, safety and reliability of your organization. To keep the data center networks sound and secure, your entrance facility requires more than only high performance fiber and copper connectivity.

Complete Solutions for reliable entrance facilities

R&M's solutions provide termination, splice, enclosures and protection for service provider handovers that help maximize bandwidth and availability in the data center. With our strong background in Enterprise and Public Networks infrastructure market, we can help you design and deploy your entrance facility with a focus on network convergence and campus networks.

R&M provides a complete network infrastructure solution that will provide for your current needs while enabling you to easily adapt for future reconfiguration – setting up the basis to profit from a converged network architecture.

R&M Data Center Solutions provide for:

  • Optical Distribution Frame with Splice-, Patch- and CombiMODULES – A complete, professional solution for ultra-broadband infrastructures based upon a modular design, and can therefore be custom-adapted to your needs.
  • ODF Wall Cabinet – The desired ODF configuration practically installs itself on the specially designed backplane, whether a combination, splice, patch or cable management module is involved. The click-in design eliminates the need for installation tools. Your distributor grows module by module to meet the latest demands.
  • Cable routing – A halogen-free and PVC-free raceway system that is fully RoHS compliant.