A meet-me room is a centralized physical space located in the building of a colocation data center. It is here, where carriers and customers interconnect or cross-connect to a single or to multiple carriers. Meet-me-rooms enable customer communities to do business with each other under minimal latency conditions. Usually, these facilities are secure and private and possess strictly regulated cable management.

R&M Data Center Solutions Provide for:

  • Optimal optical raceway and cable management designs — cabinets with integrated vertical and horizontal cable management provide enhanced handling and more space for airflow; raceway design services already envision future moves, adds and changes.
  • The FO Field: A field terminable LC connector with top-class performance of 0.25 dB insertion loss and over 60 dB return loss.
  • Optical Distribution Frame: A complete, professional solution for ultra-broadband infrastructures based upon a modular design, and can therefore be custom-adapted to your needs.
  • Automated infrastructure management that provides a total visibility of the physical network – with R&MinteliPhy network managers can manage their physical infrastructure intelligently and fully automatic. With this revolutionary RFID-based system, data centers immediately improve the capacity utilization, profitability and availability.