Everyday life in data center IT management is complicated enough. All the better that R&M has created a straightforward, high-performance solution for infrastructure management that is easy to use. Coherent automated infrastructure management (AIM) system is needed because data centers today have no more leeway. The utilization of resources has to be maximized. No one can allow themselves the luxury of delays, downtimes or mistakes. Change requests have to be carried out immediately and perfectly. ITIL and other rules set narrow limits.

Manual administration also works but has serious drawbacks. Personnel resources and time are needed to update tables or databases. The information is never current and complete. That complicates troubleshooting and MAC processes, not to mention optimum capacity utilization and controlled quality.

Finally, manual data management is subject to a natural error rate of 10%. That has consequences. Up to 28% of downtime in data centers can be traced to patching mistakes caused by insufficient documentation or a lack of process control. Over time up to 40% of active switch ports disappear because of documentation errors. This is an inefficient use of capital investments.

Quick return on investment

By contrast, a reliable Automated Infrastructure Management system delivers a full overview of the status and configuration of the network and does so in real time at one central location. Automated Infrastructure Management replaces manual activities with standardized processes. After covering the initial expenses, a company can cut specific operating costs by as much as 50%. The payback period for an investment in an Automated Infrastructure Management system is typically less than a year. In other words, it is worthwhile to invest in Automated Infrastructure Management.