As enterprises consolidate applications and implement cloud-based options to enhance flexibility and achieve significant ROI, server virtualization is becoming a common key initiative. This process is consistently elevating the cable’s importance. If a link to a physical server does not deliver the required performance in terms of latency, frame losses, and data throughput, this factor also affects access to all the other virtual machines running on the server.

Learn about the impact oyour network infrastructure

Data center network cabling accounts for only 2 to 4% of all investments in data center projects. However, it is of crucial importance for the network performance. Knowing about the impact of the infrastructure is therefore essential to fully leverage on your virtualization strategy. R&M’s server solutions are designed for use in server configurations such as blades, rack-mount, and mainframes.

R&M Data Center Solutions provide for:

  • Optimal optical raceway and cable management designs - cabinets with integrated vertical and horizontal cable management provide enhanced handling and more space for airflow; raceway design services already envision future moves, adds and changes
  • Bandwidth-explosion-ready High-Performance Network Connectivity (HPNC) - best of breed OM4 optical fiber, Cat 6A twisted-pair and SFP+ direct attach technology meet the bandwidth requirements of upcoming Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications.