Operating across geographies as one integrated, multifunctional team, we bring customized solutions and the best of R&M to each hyperscale operator we serve.

We continuously strive to develop products that form a system to cover all layers of your network, deliver performance and automate work flow management and documentation of the physical network. We have a manufacturing presence across the globe to ensure consistent product quality around the world. And we go beyond ordinary cabling. R&M’s Smart Networks architecture is built up in three layers:

  1. Conventional patch panels and cabling
  2. An IoT layer that turns conventional products into “connected products”
  3. The inteliPhy net DCIM to manage the “connected products”.

With innovation at every level, we provide connectivity that matters and automation for your networks to scale.


  • We are engineers and pride ourselves on fiber innovation and IoT-enabled network infrastructure
  • We are exceptional at delivering custom-designed solutions rapidly
  • Dedicated account manager and team to serve a customer globally
  • Production capabilities in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East

Custom Design

R&M work very closely with our customers. We see engineering as a means to solve the hardest but the most meaningful problems for them. And we have an engineering department across the globe that is willing to tackle these problems.

Our extensive product range can be customized to provide you with innovation-driven, high-quality solutions.

We leverage state-of-the-art design and rapid prototyping techniques, with testing and quality approval in our R&M LAB, we can get an industrialized product within several weeks.

The dedicated team of experts support hyperscale customers at all stages of the configuration of their fiber optic solution.

Supply Chain

R&M’s Global Production Sites

Decentralized Production – Swiss Quality.

R&M Hyperscale Supply Chain

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