There are unique protection and safety requirements in the area around large diagnostic devices, in laboratories and above all in operating rooms. IT availability plays a key role here. The IEC 60601-1-1 standard (room category II) stipulates the galvanic separation of medical equipment from the data network to protect patients against overvoltages.

The maintenance-free R&MsafeLine network isolation module from R&M provides galvanic separation in the outlet. This solution does away with the need for costly external devices for medical equipment while enhancing data transmission reliability in the hospital network. R&MsafeLine fulfills the standards, does not require software or its own power supply, and is also compatible with the R&Mfreenet cabling system. R&M thus supplies complete solutions for networking IT infrastructure in operating theaters.

Even clinic areas with tough and humid conditions can be reliably connected to the network using R&M's solutions for the IP54 and IP67 protection classes. Areas of use include laboratories and operating rooms, outpatient departments, supply stations for gases, fluids, and refrigerants, or outdoors.