Copper shielded twisted pair (STP) cabling is the security standard solution for the office world. R&M recommends this solution when premium installations are required or when increased protection is required for data transmission due to sensitive applications and electromagnetic interference. 

Copper shielded twisted pair data cables are considered as being particularly reliable. However, this alone is not enough for cabling solutions based on R&Mfreenet. Permanently interference-free signal transmissions are guaranteed thanks to the shield, which is applied from end to end and has an extremely low impedance. With good reason, R&M is considered the leading developer of shielding for STP copper cabling. 

Thanks to its advanced, installation-friendly connection and distribution technology, R&Mfreenet is the optimum platform for all transmission classes and the applications of both today and tomorrow. 

Three different transmission classes are available:

  • Cat. 5e / Class D*
  • Cat. 6 / Class E*
  • Cat. 6A / Class EA*