Security on company premises and in office buildings is growing increasingly in importance. The monitoring of indoor and outdoor areas using video cameras is being expanded constantly, with cameras that communicate via Internet Protocol (IP) becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, video and control signals can be transmitted without any issues via standard data cabling.

A challenge is posed by the often remote position of the surveillance cameras (CCTV). We recommend planning the cabling separately to the office cabling here. In many cases, the cameras have to be attached to the outside of the building where there are often no outlets nearby. For such cases, R&M has developed the field-mountable FM45 RJ45 connector, which can be connected directly to installation cables of any length in an instant. This means a way of connecting the camera can be found in all cases.

In order to protect the connections from environmental influences such as moisture, dust, and chemicals, R&M offers suitable sleeves and cases that also meet the requirements of high protection classes.

The power supply of the cameras also has to be taken into account. This can be made via classic low-voltage distribution or via a remote power supply over the data network (Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Power over Ethernet Plus (PoEP)).