While it is over 150 years old, voice telephony is still one of the most common forms of telecommunication. It is thus essential to take into account the necessary resources when cabling modern office buildings. Despite this, voice transmission via Internet Protocol (IP) and its integration into local data networks (Voice over IP or VoIP) is becoming increasingly common. 

As a generic cabling solution for buildings, R&Mfreenet can also be used herein exemplary fashion. Whether analog, digital or VoIP telephony is used for voice integration, R&M offers standardized, high-quality connection and distributor solutions. 

When using VoIP, we recommend checking whether voice and data applications are to be operated on separate networks during the planning phase in order to be able to offer optimal support for the quality of service (QoS) on the active devices. This should be taken into account when planning the number of outlets per workstation. 

When it comes to integrating analog telephony and connecting to public telecommunication networks, R&M is also a partner with the very highest levels of expertise. Usually, an application-specific backbone cabling using multi-pair cables is constructed in this case to create a provider-quality infrastructure. As a supplier to renowned telephone providers, R&M has been a firm fixture in this branch for decades.