The new field-mountable RJ45 connector FM45 enables data transmission up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It offers vibration-resistant and corrosion-protected wiring and the specifications and attenuation values of the FM45 surpass the parameters defined in the standard. It also supports the deployment of Power over Ethernet up to 4PPoE. Therefore, the FM45 is ideally suited for a wide range of applications of twisted-pair copper cabling in structured cabling, industrial Ethernet, local data networks, building automation, security and communication technology. 

FM45 is the best choice to convert existing buildings into smart ones. Installers profit from the connectors flexibility and can decide how to lay the cable, where to cut it and where to place the connector. The FM45 also enables installers to react on customer specific requirements or plan amendments quickly. The FM45 comes as a straight or angled version for Cat. 5e connections as well as a shielded version with metal housing. For high-performance Cat. 6A connections, R&M offers shielded and unshielded types in an angled or straight form. There is also a variant with an outer housing for protection class IP67 for industrial applications.