What are the General Characteristics of MPO-QR? 

The MPO-QR is designed in such a way that it can also be operated exclusively at the connector end, i.e. the bend protection. This allows the MPO adapters to be mounted closer together. The MPO-QR increases the packing density by 50% up to 120 ports per rack unit. A highly efficient solution. A welcome benefit for those who want to pack more ports into a rack.

The cordage comes either as a Method A or Method B MPO cord in accordance with ANSI/TIA-568.3-D. The boot is colored in the same logic as MPO adapters:

Gray for polarity B

R&M MPO-QR polarity B

Method B

And black for polarity A. This allows for an instant identification during installation and documentation.

R&M MPO-QR polarity A

Method A

Key Features

  • Greater packing density in the rack thanks to push/pull mechanism at the boot
  • Increases port density by 50%
  • Simple identification of polarity with colored boot
  • Can be equipped with the R&MinteliPhy RFID tag
MPO-QR with the R&MinteliPhy RFID tag

MPO-QR with the R&MinteliPhy RFID tag

What type of performance can I expect from the MPO-QR? 

The MPO-QR is both IEC-61754-7 and EIA/TIA-604-5 (FOCIS 5) compliant. It is offered with a maximum insertion loss of 0.3 dB with a minimum return loss of 35 dB for the multimode fiber solution and a minimum return loss of 55 dB for the singlemode solution.

The ferrule included in the MPO-QR has been developed to meet the performance of an MTP® Elite ferrule. The following table compares both specifications.

Measurement itemUnitMPO-QRMTP® Elite
Fiber hole eccentricity​Max.µm0.670.66
Guide hole pitchµm4599.45 – 4599.904599.25 – 4599.67
Guide pin hole diameterG1mm0.69930.6991
Fiber hole diametermm0.1253 – 0.12550.1255 – 0.1257
Guide pin inclinationmm0.0040.008
  • Fiber hole eccentricity: Although maximum eccentricity is a mere 10 nm greater than that of an MTP®, the statistical dispersion is smaller in the MPO-QR
  • The MTP® has a larger fiber hole diameter than the MPO-QR
  • The R&M LAB has extensively tested both connectors in random mated tests and found very high compatibility – meaning: no loss difference between pure and mixed link configurations

It is therefore clear, that the MPO-QR has the same performance as an MTP® Elite connector.

Where can I use MPO-QR?

The MPO-QR can be utilized in any MPO-based infrastructure containing trunk assemblies, interconnect cords, and MPO patch cords. It will allow for greater packing density in the rack thanks to push/pull mechanism at the boot and can increase the port density by 50%. 

As part of the Smart Networks solution, R&M’s IoT-enabled architecture and platform in Data Centers, it can be equipped with an RFID tag to automatically track patching operations.