MPO Modul 7HP, metal, 2xMTP12-female - 12xLC-Duplex, OM4, PC/PC, ceramic, type S, gray


1 pcs

Connectivity method: type S.

Polishing connector MTP: PC.

Polishing connector LC: PC.

Scope of Supply

  • Slide-in unit, radius limiter radius 35 mm, labeling strips and installation instructions

  • Metal front panel equipped with 12 x LC-Duplex adapters and fan-outs inserted, rear side two MTP12-female connectors mounted

Technical Data

Standard / norm

MPO connectors acc. to IEC 61754-7-1 (MPO connector family - one fiber row)

Protection class IP

IP 20

Protection class IP (A)

IP 20

Number of connectors (A) 2
Protection class IP (B)

IP 20

Number of connectors (B) 12
Wiring diagram

type S


fully populated

Rack mounting version

slide-in unit

Connector type (A)


Polishing plug (A)


Attenuation grade IL (A) Cm
Return loss grade RL (A) 4
Connector color (A)


Connector type (B)


Polishing plug (B)


Attenuation grade IL (B) Bm
Return loss grade RL (B) 3
Connector color (B)

heather violet

Sleeve material


Adapter fastening method

end cap snap-in

Fiber type

multimode (MM)

Fiber class


Conductor type

semi-tight buffer, dry

Fiber diameter

G50 / 125 µm

Mechanical Data

Dimensions 35.0 mm x 129.0 mm x 215.0 mm / 1.378 in x 5.079 in x 8.465 in (W x H x D)
Color Code NCS

S 2502-B

MPO Modul 7HP, front (metal) populated with 12 LC-Duplex adapters (split sleeve ceramic), at the back mounted with two MTP12-female adapters (type B), with 12-faser fan-outs, MM 50 µm OM4, assembly class in acc. with IEC 61753-1. The twelve LC ports are divided into Tx and Rx so that all Tx fibers are run to a 12-fiber MPO and all Rx fiber to another 12-fiber MPO. These two MPOs can be bundled in an X cable, for example. Type B adapters are installed in the modules. Symmetric cabling for 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G is therefore enabled in collaboration with type B trunks. The geometrical specifications of MPO (MTP) connectors in acc. with IEC 61754-7; incl. radius limiter at radius 35 mm and hold-down cross, fully populated, detachable metal front panel featuring per-numbered ports and offering individual labeling options.


  • Dimensions: 35 (7HP) x 129 (3U) x 215 mm (W x H x D)

  • Material: front panel metal, MPO Modul sheet steel (DC01)

  • Color: front panel metal color, MPO Modul medium gray (NCS 2502-B)

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