Splice Closure RM, 144 splices, Ø178x430, 4xØ32 2xØ20


1 pcs

Scope of Supply

  • Complete splice closure, excluding splice trays

Technical Data

Protection class IP

IP 68

Distributor housing type

splice closure

Lockable Yes
Closure with valve Yes
Closure with grounding Yes
Closure with wall / pole holder No
Fiber Count 144

Mechanical Data

Diameter Ø 178 x 430 mm (4xØ32, 2xØ20)
Color Code RAL

9005 Jet black


plastic: HD-PE

FO dome-end closure for max. 144 splice connections, featuring a mechanical locking system, suitable for cable-to-cable splicing with fiber branching, individual strain relief for each cable, splice tray holder with loose tubes storage, repeated opening does not wear off the sealing material, the locking system offers sealing and locking option, continuous ground connection, valve for leak testing. Closure body and flange are made of HD polyethylene, and the turnlock fastener of fiberglass-reinforced PE, resistant to alkaline earths, salt water, fungal and putrefaction bacteria, strain relief ring and splice tray holder are made of stainless steel. The splice closure can be used in ambient temperatures of -20 to +60° Celsius and water depths of 6 meters (IP68). It can be equipped with 12 splice trays R30 or 6 splice trays R40.

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