Stranded loose tube cable, Micro, outdoor-use, no armour, HDPE sheath - black, 02x12-fibers OM3


Non-metallic stranded loose tube Micro cable with up to 72 fibers in a 6-strand stranding, used outdoors for "air-blown" installations into Microducts.

Technical Data

Cable type

Stranded loose tube cable

Jacket material

UV stable HDPE

CPR classification Fca
Fiber type


Fiber Count 24


Cable family code MT6x1,5AH
DIN/VDE Code A-DQ(ZN)2Y nx1,5
DoP no.: D9920
Loose-tube count 2
Fiber count per tube 12
Loose tube nominal diameter [mm] 1.55 mm
Loose-tube colour coding, - on each layer, rest of tubes white (fillers uncoloured or black)

FRP/coat. CSM nominal thickness [mm] 1.7
Outer jacket nominal thickness [mm] 0.5 mm
Cable outer diameter [mm] 5.7 mm
Cable version

Micro cable

Standard put-up length on drum 2100 m ± 5%

Mechanical Data

Cable weight 30.0 kg/km / 20 lbs/1000ft
Fiber color coding

1 .. 12 green, yellow, white, blue, red, violet, brown, pink, black, gray, orange, acqua

Tensile performance - during installation

600 N

Tensile Performance during Installation TestMethod

IEC 60794-1-21:E1

Tensile performance - during installation acceptance criteria

Δα ≤ 0,05 dB after test

Impact resistance

5 Nm, 3 impacts, d=20 mm, R=300 mm

Impact resistance test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E4

Impact resistance acceptance criteria

Δα ≤ 0,05 dB after test, no damage


L = 1 m, rotation angle ±180°, 10 cycles

Torsion test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E7

Torsion acceptance criteria

no damage


d = 40 x cable diameter

Kink test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E10

Kink acceptance criteria

no damage

Cable bend

d=40 x cable diameter, 4 turns, 3 cycles

Cable bend - test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E11A

Cable bend - acceptance criteria

Δα ≤ 0,05 dB after test, no damage

Repeated bending

R = 40 x cable diameter, 25 cycles

Repeated bending acceptance criteria

no damage

Climatic Data

Temperature cycling -40 °C +70 °C / -40 °F +158 °F
Installation temperature -5 °C +50 °C / +23 °F +122 °F
Operation temperature -40 °C to +70 °C / -40 °F to +158 °F
Transport / store temperature 40 °C to +70 °C / +104 °F to +158 °F
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