Stranded loose tube cable, outdoor-use, no armour, HDPE sheath - black, 04x12-fibers OM3


Rodent-protected, non-metallic stranded loose tube cable with up to 72 fibres in a 6-strand stranding, for outdoor duct installation.

Technical Data

Cable type

Stranded loose tube cable

Jacket material

UV stable HDPE

CPR classification Fca

Rodent protection

Fiber type


Fiber Count 48


Cable family code OT6x2,3EH
DIN/VDE Code A-DQ(ZN)2Y wbg nx2,3
DoP no.: D9929
Loose-tube count 4
Fiber count per tube 12
Loose tube nominal diameter [mm] 2.3 mm
Loose-tube colour coding, - on each layer, rest of tubes white (fillers uncoloured or black)

FRP/coat. CSM nominal thickness [mm] 2.5
Outer jacket nominal thickness [mm] 1.2 mm
Cable outer diameter [mm] 10 mm
Cable version


Standard put-up length on drum 2100 m ± 5%

Mechanical Data

Cable weight 80.0 kg/km / 54 lbs/1000ft
Fiber color coding

1 .. 12 green, yellow, white, blue, red, violet, brown, pink, black, gray, orange, acqua

Tensile performance - in service

800 N

Tensile performance - in service test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E1

Tensile performance - in service acceptance criteria

Δα ≤ 0,05 dB

Tensile performance - during installation

2000 N

Tensile Performance during Installation TestMethod

IEC 60794-1-21:E1

Tensile performance - during installation acceptance criteria

Δα ≤ 0,05 dB after test

Crush resistance - long term

1000 N/100mm

Crush resistance - long term test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E3A

Crush resistance - long term acceptance criteria

Δα ≤ 0,05 dB prior release, no damage

Impact resistance

10 Nm, 3 impacts, d=20 mm, R=300 mm

Impact resistance test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E4

Impact resistance acceptance criteria

Δα ≤ 0,05 dB after test, no damage


L = 1 m, rotation angle ±180°, 10 cycles

Torsion test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E7

Torsion acceptance criteria

no damage

Cable bend

d=20 x cable diameter, 4 turns, 3 cycles

Cable bend - test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E11A

Cable bend - acceptance criteria

Δα ≤ 0,05 dB after test, no damage

Repeated bending

R=20 x cable diameter, 25 cycles

Repeated bending test method

IEC 60794-1-21:E6

Repeated bending acceptance criteria

no damage

Climatic Data

Temperature cycling -40 °C +70 °C / -40 °F +158 °F
Installation temperature -5 °C +50 °C / +23 °F +122 °F
Operation temperature -40 °C to +70 °C / -40 °F to +158 °F
Transport / store temperature -40 °C to +70 °C / -40 °F to +158 °F
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