R&MinteliPhy Manage In-House, feature upgrade 30 enclosures, annual maintenance contract


Annual fee for software updates / upgrades and template creation services.

System requirements:

  • Server > 8 GB RAM, 1 GB hard disk available

  • Operating systems Windows, Linux, Unix (64-bit)

  • Databases MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle

  • Client Windows, Mac OSX, Unix, iOS, Android

Scope of Supply

  • Access to the R&MinteliPhy Customer Support Website

  • Software updates and upgrades

  • Creation of customer specific templates

  • Administration of the cabling infrastructure

  • Template-based network modeling

  • Client-server based architecture

  • Browser-based graphic user interface

  • Suitable for installation on client server

  • Independent of operating system and data base system

  • Open architecture ensures easy integration with 3rd-party software

Creating documents