R&MinteliPhy Manage SaaS, 30 enclosures, annual fee


Annual fee includes software updates / upgrades and templates for cloud-based server. With a management capacity of 30 enclosures.

One enclosure can be any of:

  • one network cabinet

  • one chassis with slots not mounted in a network cabinet

  • five splice closures

Scope of Supply

  • Annual fee for cloud-based server

  • Includes software updates / upgrades, templates and access to the R&MinteliPhy Customer Support Website

  • Management of 30 enclosures

  • Max. 10 reports

  • Max. 20 work orders

  • Max. 2 resources

  • Max. 12 user-defined attributes

  • Administration of the cabling infrastructure

  • Template-based network modeling

  • Client-server based architecture

  • Browser-based graphic user interface

  • Cloud-based, thus no installation required on customer side

  • Open architecture ensures easy integration with 3rd-party software

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