Launch Fiber E-2000™ APC, R/1 - FC PC, C/2, G.652.D, 1000 m


1 pcs

Launch fibers are delivered in a protective transportation box.

Mode type: E9/125/250µm.

Box dimensions: 195 x 160 x 32 mm.

Attenuation value in protocols include connector and fiber loss.

Scope of Supply

  • Transportation box

  • Launch fiber 1000 m

  • Test protocol, incl. IL and RL at 1310nm + 1550nm, fiber position

  • Interferometry test protocol

Technical Data


FC connector acc. to IEC 61754-4

E-2000™ (LSH) connector acc. to IEC 61754-15

E-2000™ (LSH) connector acc. to EN 186270

E-2000™ (LSH) connector acc. to ISO/IEC 14763-3

Protection class IP

IP 20

Protection class IP (A)

IP 20

Number of connectors (A) 1
Protection class IP (B)

IP 20

Number of connectors (B) 1
Connector type (A)


Polishing plug (A)

APC 8°

Attenuation grade IL (A) R
Return loss grade RL (A) 1
Connector color (A)


Lever- / frame-coding (A)


Lever color (A)


Connector type (B)


Polishing plug (B)


Attenuation grade IL (B) C
Return loss grade RL (B) 2
Connector color (B)


Fiber type

singlemode (SM)

Fiber class

G.652.D (OS1, OS2)

Fiber diameter

E9 / 125 µm

Mechanical Data

Cable length 1000.0 m / 3281 ft

Plastic box, transparent, test protocol containing fiber position, IL and RL at 1310nm + 1550nm and interferometry test protocol.

The box contains a launch fiber, 1000 m, singlemode G652.D 9/125 µm (OS1, OS2), fan-out length 3.0 m.

One side fitted with E-2000™ (LSH) connector in acc. with IEC 61754-15 and EN 186270. Zirconia (ceramic) ferrule with an angled polish APC 8° endface geometry, reference connector in acc. with ISO/IEC 14763-3 and qualified in acc. with IEC 61753-1, in category U (uncontrolled environment) and category E (extreme environment). Green connector housing (singlemode) and orange lever, material PBT / UL 94 V-0, orange strain relief, material TPE / UL 94 V-0 and silver-colored metal dust shutter.

Optical specifications:

  • Fibers G ≤ 0.30 µm, positioned in the lower area, 30° eccentric to the ferrule axis

  • Insertion loss (IL) Grade R for 100% of all tested specimen: ≤ 0.15 dB

  • Return loss (RL) Grade 1: ≥ 80 dB (typical≥ 90 dB)

Mechanical specifications:

  • Mating cycles: Delta IL < 0.2 dB after 1000 mating cycles

  • Pull-out force patch cord: ≥ 100 N

and one side fitted with FC connector (wide key) in acc. with IEC 61754-4. Zirconia (ceramic) ferrule with a PC polished endface geometry, connector tuned in accordance with IEC 61755-3-1 and qualified in acc. with IEC 61753-1 for category U (uncontrolled environment). Nickel-coated connector housing, material brass, blue strain relief and plastic dust cover.

Optical specifications (random mated):

Performance acc. to IEC 61753-1 (Table A.12):

  • Insertion loss (IL) Grade C for 97% of the tested specimen: ≤ 0.50 dB / typical ≤ 0.25 dB

  • Return loss (RL) Grade 2: ≥ 45 dB

Mechanical specifications:

  • Mating cycles: delta IL < 0.2 dB after 500 mating cycles

  • Pull-out force patch cord: ≥ 100 N

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