CMRI’s vision is to make further contributions to medical science in the years to come. Endorsed by the NSW government, CMRI’s redevelopment of its building infrastructure will further boost the scale of its research efforts and programs. Among the five stages of redevelopment that have been planned and approved, the first stage has just been completed. R&M had the opportunity to work with CMRI and our partner Computer Room Solutions (CRS) to deliver cabling solutions for the network infrastructure.

As CMRI is a pre-eminent hub for important research and development, data is continuously being generated in the form of medical research insights, laboratory findings and information from other facilities. There was a clear mandate to build a network that could scale and remain future-proof, considering that more brand-new buildings would be interconnected upon the final completion of all five stages of redevelopment.

R&M’s Cat. 6 UTP solution was proposed for the office cabling of the first building that houses 200 researchers. The reliability of the Cat. 6 solution ensures continuous transmission of data and maximum uptime for the communication network at CMRI. For backbone connectivity, a fiber-optic solution based on OM3 12-core multimode cables as well as OM3 fiber-optic patch panels was also supplied.

R&M also supplied a 1U and 2U cable management system that would help organize the cables more efficiently thereby simplifying installation and maintenance. CMRI also wanted to have its logo imprinted on the cable management system, a request that R&M fulfilled thanks to years of experience in customizing products to suit customer requirements.

We really liked R&M’s approach as a friendly brand that helped us build our IT network cabling with the right solution. They also went the extra mile to customize the product as per our specifications with our logo which creates a meaningful environment within the building.

Andrew Davies, ICT Manager at CMRI

David Child from CRS was directly involved with the project and offered his full support for the network cabling. CRS also supplied other equipment and solutions for the data center at CMRI. CMRI’s expansion will help speed up advances in the prevention and cure of childhood diseases in Australia and worldwide, offering real hope to children and families everywhere.