The multi-award-winning business idea of Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH in Dresden, Germany, proposes an unusual approach to the future of data centers. Cloud&Heat specializes in the setup and operation of efficient edge data centers that provide computer capacity decentrally and at the same time heat buildings. The company is aiming to realize the most efficient distributed data center in the world in terms of energy and costs as well as the first real-time-optimized edge cloud in Germany.

Because edge locations in the basements of residential and non-residential buildings are usually limited in terms of space, Cloud&Heat was looking for innovative infrastructure concepts. The company is experimenting with compressed, centralized and automated architectures. This is why the new cabling system Netscale from R&M was tested in practice in the spring of 2016.

Netscale fulfilled three important criteria for Cloud&Heat: The platform is compact, and both easy to scale and install. “As an innovative company with challenging data center projects, we are dependent on scalable fiber solutions that can be deployed in confined spaces,” says Dr. Marius Feldmann, COO at Cloud&Heat Technologies.

R&MinteliPhy in the edge data center

For Netscale R&M also provides RFID components for port monitoring with the network monitoring system R&MinteliPhy. It is the first Ultra High Density platform with integrated functions for intelligent, automated infrastructure management. “Netscale can support us in fully automated operation of our cloud,” said Dr. Marius Feldmann of the results of the beta test in Dresden.

This is also why Netscale fit into the Cloud&Heat architectural concept because Top of Rack (ToR) switches can be consolidated in the network cabinet and servers directly patched in the network cabinet.