Servizo Galego de Saúde, also known by its acronym SERGAS, is the agency of the autonomous administration of Galicia (Spain) in charge of public healthcare in the region. It is ultimately responsible for all health centers and services of the Galician regional administration in order to guarantee healthcare.

The relationship between R&M and SERGAS goes back to 2014. Since then, the relationship has been consolidated and the network of certified partners expanded to cover the needs of each particular project.

Remodeling the hospital network

The Ministry is committed to remodeling and deploying its hospital network. For this, it launches independent projects that it has contracted with its building maintenance partner. And it is the construction company that decides which products are the most suitable according to the requirements.

Broad partner network with a single solution

The Galician hospital network has executed its last three hospital projects with R&M material, albeit with different integrators. The first project was the installation of the network of the new hospital located in Vigo, Alvaro Cunqueiro. This is the largest public health project that has been undertaken in recent years in Spain making one of the most modern public hospitals in Europe available to the metropolitan area of Vigo.

In April 2017, construction work was started on the new hospital complex in Orense, CHIJO, with R&M being awarded the project data network. Galeni, an R&M certified partner, had just the right expertise to install the products.

Already in the middle of this year, R&M was awarded the contract of maintenance for the successive installation of wiring at the EOXI (Estructura Organizativa de Xestión Integrada) Center in Pontevedra.

The next step is the Burela Hospital in Lugo. Undoubtedly, the customer is homogenizing its network with a single manufacturer particularly due to the reliability and the transmission capacity as well as the 25-year warranty.