Nespresso is an independent, globally run business unit of the Nestlé Group and is present in more than 50 countries around the world. The Swiss company is one of those success stories that do not occur on a daily basis in today’s economy. The best proof of the astounding worldwide ascent of this coffee brand is that its name has already become a generic designation for an entire industry – and done so across all cultures, from New York to Shanghai and from Munich to Moscow. The numbers also energize you, like enjoying a ristretto, a short shot of espresso, next to the Trevi Fountain in Rome: In 2010, 12 300 cups of Nespresso coffee were consumed per minute, up from about 10 000 a minute the year before. That gave Nespresso an overall global sales of more than CHF 3 billion and growth of over 20 percent. The rate of staff increase is also impressive: In 2010 more than 5500 people worked for Nespresso. In 2000, that number was just 331. And the growth curve is far from having reached its zenith. In 2010 Nespresso opened 36 new boutiques. The total number of these exclusive shops is now 215 and is due to increase to 250 by the end of this year. The concept works magnificently. Nespresso generates 35 percent of its sales in its high-class boutiques. Nespresso has already acquired a respectable brand image on a global basis. The Nespresso Club has over 10 million members. The company registers more than 130 000 Internet visitors a day. Online sales account for 51 percent of the total so the Internet is also the company’s most important sales channel.

In spite of all this success, Nespresso has not forgotten its ecological and social responsibilities. The company has subjected itself to a corporate social responsibility program and committed to achieving ambitious sustainability goals by 2013. By then, it will purchase 80 percent of its coffee through its AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, including Rain Forest Alliance Certification. At the end of 2010, this figure had already climbed to more than 60 percent. By 2013, it aims to increase the capacity worldwide to recycle used capsules to 75 percent and reduce overall CO2 emissions by 20 percent.

Nepresso is a technology leader and a continuous innovator. It also applies the highest possible quality standards as the basis for its corporate culture in all business segments. R&M exhibits these same three traits on a daily basis. R&M was therefore the logical choice in connection with the new Nespresso Group headquarters in Lausanne. Connectivity from Wetzikon has been helping the Nespresso site in Avenches to increase the speed, reliability and security of its data traffic since 2009. The production facility there produces about five billion coffee capsules a year. Fiber to the machine could be implemented with no difficulty if need be because of the installed R&M solution but RJ45 is still in use right now due to current requirements. It is vital that the system be reliable under difficult conditions. The network connections must be fully impervious to coffee dust. That is why R&M products with known resistance are used here, in this case protection class IP54.

Network requirements were tough at Nespresso headquarters in Lausanne, too. This facility houses the central IT for 20 countries, including for two data centers in Switzerland and France and for several call centers. The reliability and speed of data traffic are correspondingly important there. The company needs a high-performance, failure-free network not least for its online sales, which make up a proportionately high share of total sales. The integrated R&M solution includes fiber optic and copper equipment for the entire campus and office cabling in four buildings. The requirements called for peak flexibility and future reliability plus trouble-free integration of building equipment such as a security access system for employees.

All in all, R&M implemented the entire network infrastructure at four Nespresso sites: Paudex, Lutry, Avenches and, most recently, Lausanne. After intensive planning, the projects were carried out precisely according to the specific needs of the customer and to its full satisfaction. Today 500 Nespresso employees in production and 400 at headquarters benefit daily from the performance capabilities of the R&M solution.