The bank has 46 branches and over 1300 employees. It also offers financial service tools including mobile banking, telephone banking and online banking. As of 2013, it had a share capital of 1.2 billion Yuan (CNY) and assets of over 50.1 billion Yuan.

As a prominent financial institution in the region, the Bank of Shaoxing needed a highly reliable solution for its new data center in the city of Shaoxing in the Zhe Jiang Province. It would be the epicenter into which all transactions and data from the branches, ATM machines and digital transactions would flow.

Around the globe, banks generate mammoth amounts of data given the number of transactions that take place each day through deposits, withdrawals, transfers, ATMs, digital banking etc. Each transaction carried out has to be secure and take place over a reliable connection given the sensitive nature of financial transactions. Any failure or disruption of network connectivity spells doom as it brings everything to a halt.

The Bank of Shaoxing was keen on building a data center with network infrastructure that was highly reliable, above all else. Right from the beginning, R&M assisted the bank’s IT team technically with the right solution which had to be reliable, manage heavy bandwidth loads and remain future-proof for years to come.

The connectivity solution comprised Cat. 6 U/UTP for copper cabling with OM3 MTP modules, MTP trunk cables, 3U 48-core MTP panels with 288-fiber terminations, LC fiber-optic patch panels and pigtails for fiber-optic connectivity.

The project was completed to the customers’ entire satisfaction. R&M’s success in winning this data center project was the combination of high-performance products and the strong technical support offered to the customer to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.