The hotel will be able to leverage this network infrastructure for all its IT functions including high-speed data and voice connectivity for guests, IPTV, as well as video surveillance and security access systems. The involvement in the project began when Mustafa Sultan Telecommunications Co. LLC., one of the market leaders in Oman for ICT and converged networking solutions, was employed as a contractor. R&M was chosen for the contract as it is generally acknowledged to be a specialist, is a well-established brand both globally and in Oman and enjoys the reputation of being a leading provider of powerful and reliable communication networks. “Kempinski hotel was determined to utilize the very best solutions that could meet the performance requirements of the property for the foreseeable future,” says Sushil M. Jani, General Manager at Mustafa Sultan Telecommunications Co. L.L.C.

R&M offered us very attractive and competitive advantages.

Prashant Rozario, Business Unit Head, Mustafa Sultan Telecommunications Co. L.L.C.

Attractive and competitive advantages

Its strong local presence in Oman allowed R&M to be deeply involved in the project from the outset. The cabling vendor’s top technical resources helped design and optimize the hotel’s network. Also, R&M’s investments into a streamlined supply chain for the region enabled rapid manufacture and delivery of the cabling solutions required for the deployment.

To ensure the highest quality and performance, R&M’s Cat. 6 UTP connectivity technology was used, enabling up to 1GbE connectivity for up to 100 meters along with 10GbE connectivity for up to 50 meters. These cables were terminated by R&M’s RJ45 connectors as their reliability and security make them well suited to the demands of higher bandwidths and transmitting large amounts of time-sensitive data.

R&M also offered Kempinski the benefits of Power over Ethernet (PoE) as its cabling solutions meet the latest PoE standards. This has enabled the infrastructure to support many devices in the resort premises, including IP cameras with pan/tilt/zoom functions, VoIP video phones, POS terminals, and wireless access points. R&M’s good contact design ensures that any damage occurring due to PoE sparks will not affect the contact zone.

The high-speed fiber backbone was implemented with R&M’s UniRack family of high-quality patch panels and R&M OS2 cabling: This cabling satisfies the toughest requirements for all single-mode applications of up to 100 Gigabit/s and complies with the ISO/IEC 11801 standard. The decision to utilize single-mode fiber was driven by its ability to meet current and future throughput requirements, which will enable the hotel to have 1 Gbit/s, 10 Gbit/s and even 40 Gbit/s if needed. Furthermore, as the entire installation was expertly handled by Mustafa Sultan Telecommunications Co. LLC, an R&M qualified partner, the deployment has been certified and granted a 25-year system warranty.

Commenting on the value that R&M delivered to the project, Prashant Rozario, Business Unit Head of Mustafa Sultan Telecommunications Co. L.L.C., says, “R&M offered us a number of very attractive and competitive advantages, such as presence and support of an expertly qualified local team, reputable Swiss quality products, a 25-year system warranty, excellent design consultancy and, last but not least, highly competitive pricing.”