NATS Services Ltd provides air traffic control at airports in the UK and overseas, as well as a number of related engineering, technical and education services. Recently, R&M UK supported NATS in a unique airfield fiber rollout.

R&M worked closely with NATS to design and cost a new fiber ring around London City Airport, primarily to service vital radar equipment. There are numbers of drop-off points around the sixkilometer perimeter that required resilient connectivity. Due to the particular distances involved, singlemode cable and high-quality E-2000™ * connectivity were proposed. In this case, R&M did business directly with the client, instead of being approached by an installation company first.

It was clear that the project would be challenging due to its high profile nature, the hours of work involved and the level of risk. However, there was sufficient experience in design and project delivery within R&M and ample support from the Qualified Installation partner.

Creative approach

For this project, all work had to be done outside airport hours. There were some health and safety issues, as the airport is on an island and the ducts run around its edges, very close to the water. Also, a creative approach to logistics was required, as there was no on-site storage to speak of.

R&M has been working with NATS for three years now, and had already performed smaller projects with them in Southampton and Belfast. This new project was a complete success and shows this business really works. For the customer, the benefits are clear: significant savings and direct communications. Also, a manufacturer offers the greatest possible expertise regarding its own materials, as well as longevity and stability.

Competitive edge

Understanding the client’s needs has enabled all parties to engage in depth ensuring all aspects were met with a quality solutions deployment. The installer was enthusiastic and is keen to participate in future projects. For R&M, it is important not just to offer the right products and services, but to think along with the client and provide services that make a difference. Working directly on large projects with clients gives more scope for developing a relationship and sets us apart from the competition.

“NATS has many suppliers and manufacturers, helping us provide solutions for the aviation service provider industry concludes Paul Hatia-Black, Senior Systems Engineer Nav / Met. “In our line of work, safety, service delivery and reputation are key factors. The products we supply must not only be fit for their intended purpose but also innovative, in order to drive safety and costs whilst planning and servicing the future needs of our customers and flying public. This is best served with close working relationships with innovative, forward-looking suppliers and manufacturers, such as R&M.”

* E-2000™ manufactured under license from Diamond SA, Losone.