The Group is recognized at both national and international levels and is firmly rooted in the health, social, economic and cultural life of the Canton of Valais. The hospitals that are part of the Group are located on 19 different sites. Within a care network, they collaborate closely with treating physicians, as well as retirement and care homes and socio-medical centers, to ensure patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place. An associated innovation center is closely linked with university hospitals and leading research institutes in Switzerland.

R&M offered top service from A-Z, from consulting services to certification

Yohann Eyer, Telecom Manager at Spital Wallis

Meticulous planning as key to success

A reliable, high-performance data center is the basis for IT to function smoothly. The preparation and implementation of fail-safe IT systems was the key focus for the meticulous planning developed in partnership with Tech-Building. In order to guarantee services for the 5 000 employees and 8 000 network devices at all times, Spital Wallis needed an infrastructure designed to be redundant.

The project started in 2014 with an analysis phase. “It was decided to extend the data center in Sion, which had been in existence since 2009, and to search for an ideal site for a second data center designed as redundant”, said Yohann Eyer, Telecom Manager at Spital Wallis. The process involved strict adherence to the list of criteria that had been drawn up and it was the Sierre site that was eventually chosen. After a rigorous selection process, and as a result of earlier successful projects with the Canton of Valais, Spital Wallis chose R&M as its partner for the cabling infrastructure.

R&M provided the customer with a convincing planning system and recommended relying on MPO technology in the FO area. This technology offers favorable conditions for setting up future-proof, high-performance data networks in data centers, thanks to its multi-fiber plug connectors. You can set up the necessary infrastructure with a handful of basic components (pre-assembled trays, racks and trunk cables). Modular and flexibly scalable cabling systems help to keep investment steps clear-cut. Parallel optical connections make high demands on planning because this involves structured cabling of the highest quality. The signal direction or polarity and the arrangement of the individual fibers had to be precisely defined for each link and channel. Thanks to MPO, the Spital Wallis data centers are now ready to meet later 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet requirements.

Ingenious solution for tight spaces

Space is very tight at the existing Sion site. A clear separation between FO and copper was therefore chosen for the raceway system. Whereas the copper connections were fed in under the raised floor, the FO cables were brought in from above using a raceway system. There was more space available at the new site in Sierre, which meant both technologies could be run to the racks from above. However, FO and copper were separated here as well. This installation-friendly and well-conceived set-up, along with clear documentation, enable supplementary work and maintenance to be carried out easily and quickly.

A strong team, from left to right: Yohann Eyer, Telecom Manager, Walter Kurzen, R&M Switzerland, David Gaist, Network Engineer, Spital Wallis.

Spital Wallis is extremely satisfied with the quality of R&M’s products and solutions. Deliveries were made exactly as scheduled. “R&M was there for us at all times and quickly solved every challenge in a customer-oriented way”, said Project Manager, Yohann Eyer.

R&M certified the installation within the framework of the R&M warranty program. Both data centers have been in operation since the fall of 2015.