The University Hospital Basel is one of five university hospitals in Switzerland and is the central hospital in the entire northwest of the country. Around 6500 employees, including a large proportion of apprentices, attend to the recovery and well-being of more than 35 000 patients every year. The close collaboration with the university guarantees interdisciplinary treatment concepts and innovations in all medical disciplines.

R&M really took our needs into consideration – we benefited a lot from the expertise of the connectivity specialists.

Roger Liniger, Head of Operations of the ICT Department, University Hospital Basel

Centuries-old cooperation with the university

The diagnostic and therapeutic methods used at the University Hospital Basel are all state of the art. Furthermore the hospital management sets great store by optimal patient care and the interdisciplinary collaboration of the specialist personnel. There is also intense cooperation with external partners, such as referring physicians, other hospitals, health insurance companies and authorities. There is a particularly close collaboration with the medical faculty of the University of Basel which is based on a long tradition; it can be traced back to the year 1460, the year the university was founded. Its medical faculty was the very first north of the Alps. Today, the key joint tasks are research as well as the training and further education of doctors.

Innovative medicine

The good coordination between the faculty and the hospital renders possible innovations and improvements in medical diagnosis and treatment. In recent years numerous specialist treatment centers have been established and further developed. These include the tumor center and various other centers: cardiac, pulmonary, ER, strokes, spine, kidney transplant and stem cell transplant. The University Hospital Basel also has close ties with local life science companies.

The high quality of medical diagnosis and treatment as well as the intense collaboration with external partners naturally generate extensive amounts of data. The University Hospital Basel had to renew its existing server infrastructure as its data center was no longer at the cutting edge of technology. The new data center was to fulfill the highest of demands, particularly in terms of high availability and redundancy.

End-to-end solution from one source

R&M was already involved in the planning and concept phase. Christian Giddey, owner and managing director of the company, took on overall project management. The company specializes in the development and management of ICT and data center projects. The result is an end-to-end solution from a single source. R&M helped realize the project as solution provider right through to acceptance and is accompanying the customer after completion. Thanks to inputs from R&M in the concept phase, the cabling infrastructure was quick and easy to implement. This minimized the risk to the contracting party while maximizing profitability. Further major advantages for the University Hospital Basel were the high port density and scalability of the R&M products.

Warranty and satisfaction

As part of the 25-year system warranty, R&M guarantees the faultless, long-term functioning of the installed cabling system and the transfer of all ratified network services. R&M took the measurements in formal acceptance procedures as the basis for the system warranty. Ultimately there will be two data centers at different locations. The data center created in the ultra modern, new «Rossetti Building» of the University Hospital Basel represents 50 % of the entire project. The second location is due to be completed in 2017.

From left to right: Matthias Kummer, R&M Switzerland; Patrick Hagen, Head Service Technician, Alpiq InTec Switzerland; Roger Liniger, Head of Operations of the ICT Department, University Hospital Basel; Christophe Barreca, Electro Project Lead, Alpiq InTec Switzerland; Christian Giddey, Managing Director of; Paolo Iazurlo, R&M Switzerland.

The R&M products totally fulfill the requirements of the University Hospital of Basel. Furthermore, the great degree of professionalism of the R&M employees and all partners involved guaranteed the success of the project. The installation work was carried out by Alpiq InTec Switzerland – once again very reliable, at a high standard and on schedule.

Roger Liniger, Head of Operations of the ICT Department at the University Hospital of Basel, is absolutely satisfied with the project: «The collaboration with R&M was awesome; the company really took our needs into consideration. We benefited a lot from the expertise and experience R&M brought into the project. The result is a solution that perfectly corresponds to our needs.»

Christian Giddey is impressed by the R&M products: «I find it impressive that such a challenging project can be implemented to this high degree of quality with standard products. That illustrates that R&M’s range is perfectly tailored to market requirements.»