The town of Willisau, a veritable metropolis in Lucerne's back country, lies on the edge of the still natural landscape of the Napf local recreation area in the middle of gentle hills and well tendered forests. Innovative entrepreneurs from the region were planning a new superstructure in a central location, close to the station. It contains 60 apartments and four commercial facilities.

R&M offered top service from A-Z, from consulting services to training on site.

Patrick Hodel, Head of Telematics, Elektro Illi AG

From the outset, the building was to be fitted out to a high standard, including a future-proof communication infrastructure. The owner set great store by sustainability. The buildings were constructed to comply with the Minergie standard, warm water being generated by a ground-water heat pump. Electricity is generated using photovoltaic facilities. These produce enough energy to cover the supply of around 22 residential units (average production per year: 80 000 kWh). A large number of regional companies were taken into consideration to take care of the project.

The clients decided on a solution from one source. Elektro Illi AG was thus commissioned to take care of the entire electrical planning and installation. As the focus in this project was very much on quality and safety, and the electrical planning was very complex, they decided to engage a reliable partner that could offer services in all project phases. "R&M certainly earned our trust and offered us fantastic service right the way through the project," says Patrick Hodel, Head of Telematics at Elektro Illi AG. "With leading products and systems, R&M was beside us all the way, providing us with outstanding support from the planning through to the implementation and stuck to all the deadlines, particularly delivery schedules." With its tried-and-tested fiberspot concept, Swisscom ensured smooth implementation.

High standard of service crucial

In projects of this kind, service is crucial. "R&M offered top service from A-Z, from consulting services to training on site," says Patrick Hodel. The planning and installation company sees these training sessions as a pre-investment. "Our installation engineers didn't have much experience to date in the splicing of FTTH solutions. Now we too have this expertise in our company. Expertise that we will be able to use more and more in the future." The ongoing training sessions are greatly appreciated by the employees and increase their motivation, something which in turn is reflected in customer satisfaction. "A satisfied employee works better – our customers sense that," says Head Service Technician Lukas Christen. "The feedback from our installation engineers is positive.“

The training sessions were carried out directly at the ODF and installation was carried out under the watchful eye of R&M. "And that was a quality check at the same time," says Patrick Hodel. The entire installation was then measured, approved and certified by R&M directly on the construction site. R&M has a system approach with the Single Circuit Management system (SCM). It concentrates on a small number of multi-functional core components that are easy to handle and can be scaled as desired. This approach simplifies planning and assembly, maintenance and retrofitting. If you know the system, you can use the expertise for all platforms, from the Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) through the Building Entry Point (BEP) to the Optical Telecommunication Outlet (OTO) in every apartment. The distribution in the apartments takes place through R&M‘s leading Homewiring System using star-configured cabling.

Elektro Illi AG is extremely impressed by the R&M products and systems. Lukas Christen: "The products are topquality and simple to use – choose R&M and everything works!“

Attention to every detail

Attention was paid to every detail during construction. The entire infrastructure shines with its optimal optical visibility. For example, every connection at the BEPs has a clip that identifies the link. This considerably facilitates and accelerates the work of the installers in any patching that needs to be done.

The construction project was started in 2012. The first of a total of four buildings was completed at the end of May 2015, the other three one month later. During the construction phase a webcam was erected on the adjacent building. The client "Einfache Gesellschaft Gerbi" thus knew exactly how far the project was at any given time. This was just one of many extra services from Elektro Illi AG.