Portugal Telecom is a leading integrated service provider in the country: It is the number one broadband operator with a 55 % market share (residential), top mobile operator with a 51 % retail market share (mobile) and premium business services operator (B2B).

R&M has close relations with Portugal Telecom as there has been an alliance with one of its affiliate companies dedicated to R&D&I, PT Inovacão, now Altice Labs, since 2011. The two companies have worked together in several projects over the years.

Since June 2, 2015, Portugal Telecom has been a subsidiary wholly owned by the Altice Group, a leading multinational in the provision of telecommunication services operating in France, Israel, Belgium and Luxemburg, Portugal, French Antilles/Area of the Indian Ocean and the Dominican Republic (“Overseas Territory”) and Switzerland.

There were several factors behind PT’s decision to deploy FTTH. Firstly, cable connects a very high percentage of Portuguese households. According to a 2010 Q1 report from the Portuguese telecom regulation body ANACOM, around 4 of 5.59 million homes are connected with cable, of which 1.9 million are cable and DTH TV subscribers.

Strong competition and best services have now made PT market leader in terms of customers and voice services as well as TV and Internet access services. PT has moved into TV to supplement its access offerings. TV services are extremely popular in Portugal, and pay TV is effectively a must-have when a customer selects a telecom service provider.

The high capacity and high reliability of fiber optics enable PT to deliver a robust TV offering with a wide range of TV channels and on-demand, personalized video services across multiple platforms (PC, TV and mobile). More choice and a better customer experience are obvious benefits. Although perhaps less obvious, the widespread availability of fiber optics in urban areas will make it easier and cheaper to roll out next-generation mobile networks using LTE: These require fiber connectivity to base stations.

To implement all fiber deployment requirements, Portugal Telecom decided to start an FTTH project in 2015 focused on reaching an extra three million houses in Portugal. The process is scheduled for completion by 2020. For the execution, Portugal Telecom is counting on R&M products such as closures, splitters 1x4, 1x8, 1x32 and accessories. Altice Labs has been in charge of selecting the best quality solutions for this project. The good relationship over the past years, the quality of the products and the delivery deadline were key reasons why Altice Labs selected R&M FTTx solutions to fulfill service requirements in best technology terms.

Altice Labs and R&M

Portugal Telecom aims to lead every market sector it works in. The company can also supplement its offer through Altice Labs (previously PT Inovação), a group company whose core business is the development of new solutions, technologies and information systems that create value both for companies in the Altice Group and its subsidiaries, as well as for the domestic and international markets. It thus promotes innovation processes in terms of services, technologies and operations.
Based in Aveiro, Altice Labs is the nerve center leading the innovation agenda for all the Altice Group operations. This is a clear sign of trust in PT’s excellence and capability.

Today Altice Labs has the best products in their portfolio and are prepared to offer the best FO solutions in the construction of FTTx networks.

Gil Brito, Network Systems Director Altice Labs

Altice Labs (previously PT Inovação) focuses on innovation and the development of new solutions, technologies and trends in the area of telecommunications. “Portugal has an exceptional culture of innovation and PT is an example to the world. We have deployed the best solutions for our customers to have the best voice and data services available at home,” says Joao Figueiredo, Infrastructure Systems Production at Altice Labs.

Portugal Telecom is a symbol of innovation that serves the economy, the country and all Portuguese people. With the execution of the FTTH project, this innovation will be enhanced, multiplied and put to use around the country.

“Our main goal in Altice Labs is the research and development of innovative products. Today Altice Labs has the best products in its portfolio and is prepared to offer the best FO solutions in the construction of FTTx networks.” says Gil Brito, Network Systems Director Altice Labs.

Portugal Telecom promises its customers that fiber will enhance their telecommunications experience. As an incumbent with both fixed and mobile operations, PT will continue to utilize fiber rollout to foster new and innovative services in a real converged world with R&M FTTx solutions.