«The most attractive new building in Poland.» This is the view of participants in a nationwide online voting held by the architectural and design magazine Bryla in May 2017. It was defined as the «best facade of the year» in a further Polish architectural competition that had taken place not long before. The committee praised the new data center’s consistency of form and function.

«Our Data Center 2 not only perfectly fulfills the functional demands and security requirements of the IT customers but also has top aesthetic credentials,» say the staff at Beyond.pl. The architects at ELD Poland Sp. z o.o., general contractor Budimex S.A. and certified R&M partner B&K Power Division Sp. z o.o. in Poznan have realized an outstanding project in every sense of the word.

Perfection is the highest goal of the innovative data center operator Beyond.pl, a company striving for market leadership in Poland. Its site in Poznan was to be exemplary throughout Europe from the outset and produce the very best security and efficiency levels. The planning implemented in 2015 required a level-4 rating compliant with the ANSI/TIA-942 standard for operational reliability and availability. Depending on tenant requirements, the system was to fulfill energy efficiency classes PUE 1.1 or 1.4. Beyond.pl had already achieved both goals on commissioning. Data Center 2 is the only data center in Poland to date with this level-4 rating in accordance with ANSI/TIA-942.

Beyond.pl also defined strict standards for the infrastructure and connectivity of the carrier-neutral data center. «Quality and stability of connections within our data centers and to the network providers were always a top priority. We only use the very best components available worldwide,» says Bartłomiej Danek, Beyond.pl Vice President.

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We are pleased to have a global partner such as R&M at our side that has such an impressive portfolio.

Bartłomiej Danek, Vice President Beyond.pl

For the cabling, Beyond.pl was looking for a partner who had experience executing data center projects and could adhere precisely to given schedules. Furthermore, Beyond.pl expected the partner not only to see to the data center cabling but also provide the LAN infrastructure for the offices in the new building. The company had made Data Center 2 its new head office and wanted a network for the offices that would guarantee interruption-free working. R&M fulfilled all conditions and embarked on the ambitious project together with installation partner B&K Power Division.

Four fundamental criteria distinguish the cabling recommended by R&M:

  • It guarantees the reconfigurability of the system.
  • The passive infrastructure is fully scalable and easy to upgrade.
  • The assembly solution facilitates fast and uncomplicated installation.
  • The FO trunks with MPO connectors and OS2 resp. OM4 fibers are delivered completely pre-terminated. On-site splicing is thus no longer necessary.

The customer was also impressed by further benefits offered by R&M which support long-term investment planning and an increase in performance:

  • Automated infrastructure management: The R&MinteliPhy system can be implemented during operation in the network already installed at a later date. The non-contact RFID sensors are compatible with the racks and patch cords and can be assembled without interrupting the plug connections.
  • Security: The three-level R&M security system with color coding, mechanical coding and lockable connectors can be retrofitted.
  • Modularity: Copper and FO cabling can be combined and mixed to suit all requirements in a single 1U 19’’ panel. Cat. 5, Cat. 6 and Cat. 6A copper modules fit into the panels, as do SC or LC Duplex FO adapters. The panels can be maintained and configured conveniently from the front.
  • High density: With the 48-port 1U HD panel, Beyond.pl accommodates a large number of copper ports on the valuable space.

To round out the perfect solution, R&M confirmed the free 25-year system warranty. Measurements and acceptance tests took place during the installation so that Beyond.pl could start operation immediately.

Vice President Bartłomiej Danek concludes: «Data Center 2 is one of the most significant investments in our branch throughout Europe in recent times. Together with long-standing partners such as R&M, we have created an unrivaled infrastructure. We are pleased to have a global partner with such an impressive portfolio at our side.»

The customer: Beyond.pl

Beyond.pl Sp. z o.o. is the first carrier-neutral data center operator in Poland and a pioneer in the area of cloud computing. The company founded in 2005 operates two state-of-the-art data centers in Poznan with more than 12,800 m2 of usable space. Data Center 2, opened in 2016, is said to be the largest of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. The operator decided to commit to this enormous investment due to new trends and technological possibilities. Beyond.pl provides sought-after IT infrastructures and innovative cloud services. The company’s own development team supports the public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. The IT product range extends from colocation and connectivity through disaster reco- very to managed services, outsourcing and rental solutions. A local FO ring connects the two data centers with 20 national and international carriers.

The partner: B&K Power Division

B&K Power Division Sp. z o.o. in Poznan with President Daniel Kowalczyk at the helm is one of R&M’s long-standing certified partners in Poland. The specialists at B&K Power Division support investors by providing consulting services in all aspects of network technology through to installing and commissioning networks. The service portfolio includes documentation, measurements for formal acceptance procedures and certification. The company is committed to attaining top goals in terms of security, reliability, quality, efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness.