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Netscale Blade Cabling Manager

Switch cabling. Made neat.

Netscale BCM

The Netscale Blade Cabling Manager (BCM) is specifically designed for high port-density switches. It enables a reliable, flexible, and highly efficient cable infrastructure throughout the data center. It’s switch cabling. Made neat.

Key features and advantages

Communication networks have brought about permanent changes to our world. We have set as our goal the development of the most advanced cabling technology for public and private networks.

  1. Reduce switch cabling volume by up to 80%
  2. Tailor-made linecard assemblies simplify installation
  3. Manage up to 576 fiber ports within 2 rack units
  4. Cable management per linecard
  5. The door can be opened downwards and upwards to allow for installation below and above a switch

Your most important benefits

Custom-designed cables

  • Pre-configured, staggered cabling that matches port distances.
  • Zeroing out of cabling slack using linecard-optimized harness cable assemblies
  • Removes the need for cable management at the side of the cabinet

All-in-one solution / One solutions fit all

  • One solution for vertical and horizontal modular slots
  • Deployment in both 800 and 600 mm racks

Reduction in rack space requirements

  • Management of up to 576 LC-duplex ports within 2 rack units

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