The network infrastructure in medical facilities has to withstand exceptional stress levels. It needs to incorporate numerous functions and applications while operating reliably under all circumstances. Clinic cabling involves more than just data lines.

Cabling solutions from R&M offer clinics, hospitals, and care homes a sound basis for their IT infrastructure. On numerous projects, R&M has shown it has the expertise to fulfill the unique needs and requirements of the healthcare market in both a convincing and comprehensive manner.

  • The tried-and-tested basic R&Mfreenet range provides a complete system for generic, structured cabling according to IS 11801. The R&Mfreenet cabling system is ideally suited for use in hospitals and homes thanks to its modular design, proven quality and reliability, and its functional diversity.
  • R&M has designed special solutions catering to the specific requirements of patient rooms (antimicrobial cabling range: R&MhealthLine) and treatment rooms (galvanic separation of data lines: R&MsafeLine).

Only the best is good enough for healthcare: Cabling solutions from R&M.

R&M always looked for ways to optimize the operational ease of use and administration of its cabling system. The unique R&Mfreenet features of the security system with its color coding and looking possibilities allows the IT infrastructure to meet the demands of the security and risk management standards ISO 80001 or TIA1179.

Various solutions exist to ruggedize connectors for harsher environments that could be found in clinic applications. Whether it is improved mechanical robustness or increased IP54 or IP67 levels: R&M provides a complete solution.