Discerning data center clients receive perfect service here. Safe Host SA has opened Switzerland’s biggest data center in Gland in the French-speaking part of the country. Whether managed services, hosting, colocation or server housing – Safe Host opts for connectivity solutions from R&M.

Swiss market leader Safe Host SA currently operates three data centers. The first one is in downtown Geneva and has a usable space of 5,000 square meters. The second one is in Gland on Lake Geneva. The third one is in Avenches, between Lausanne and Fribourg. As the high-end data center in Geneva was reaching its capacity limits, Safe Host decided to build the new data center in Gland - the largest one in Switzerland. The capacity of the new data center corresponds to a performance of 40 megawatts. On an area of 14,000 square meters, users can take advantage of all manner of possibilities. Over four floors, business customers and organizations can occupy separate and secured rooms or accommodate their own cabinets and racks in lockable units within open spaces.

Entirely pre-terminated

R&M’s solution for this property initially consists of structured cabling with copper and fiber optic connections for the entire building. Cat. 6A EL modules are providing the basis. The R&M raceway system is used as a cable guide. Together with installation partner Swisspro from Renens and project lead Simon Carrard, R&M quickly implemented the concept. Frank Jurain and experts from Betelec were engaged as consulting engineers.

R&M delivered the high-end module Cat. 6A ISO as a version which was pre-terminated for specific applications and high density units. It is used together with the HD panel in the racks for hosting customers. The company also delivered the FO trunks with MPO connectors and OM4 fibers entirely pre-terminated. This did away with the need for splicing on site. Safe Host also recommends that new hosting customers realize their infrastructures with the leading products from R&M.

Abdelhalim Ouali, Facility Operations Coordinator in the Gland Data Center, highlights the positive experience with R&M: «My contact at R&M was and still is always available for me, on every conceivable communication channel, and often pays us a personal visit. He understands me and my needs and always goes that extra mile for Safe Host. We have intense discussions about requirements and desires and talk about them together. They are then all taken into consideration and implemented to my total satisfaction!»

Full service – wide portfolio

Among other things, the product range of the Safe Host data center in Gland comprises the modular offers SafeSuite, SafeCage and SafeRack. They can be scaled individually. This means Safe Host can offer excellent value for money. The customers only pay for what they really need. As everything from the technology to the costs is transparent, customers can select the most profitable solution for their needs. Safe Host optimizes the service portfolio in close collaboration with the customers.

My contact at R&M was and still is always available for me, on every conceivable communication channel, and often pays us a personal visit. He understands me and my needs and always goes that extra mile for Safe Host.

Abdelhalim Ouali, Facility Operations Coordinator, Safe Host S.A.

The security of Switzerland as a location for industry as well as exceptional services distinguish Safe Host from other suppliers in a highly competitive market. One of these services is the active support provided when moving servers. If required, Safe Host transports entire cabinets and active components and rebuilds them in the data center. The expertise and commitment of the employees are also outstanding. Elena Sikias, Marketing Project Coordinator, describes product design as follows: «Really, we have the same kind of situation as on the property market. You rent an empty apartment with a corresponding infrastructure. Then you decide which parts of the infrastructure you actually need. And we are quite willing to support customers during setup if they so require. Here you get everything from one source. This means that our customers can concentrate entirely on their core competencies.» 

f.l.t.r.: Fabio Carafa, Head of Swisspro Lausanne; Abdelhalim Ouali, Facility Operations Coordinator, Safe Host S.A.; Walter Kurzen, R&M Switzerland; Simon Carrard, Project Manager, Swisspro

In the managed port sector, Safe Host offers connectivity solutions on demand on the basis of Fast Type or Gigabit Ethernet. In this field of application, the cabling is also from R&M.

Maximum security

Safe Host SA is a private company headquartered in Geneva. The company offers a complete, modular and transparent data center portfolio. Safe Host now has more than 120 customers. Initially these were from the financial sector as well as from international and multinational organizations. Companies from other markets are now constantly being added to the customer base.

Maximum security and availability are part of the Safe Host DNA. All the Safe Host data centers meet top requirements in terms of operational reliability and availability. Safe Host offers corresponding security guarantees. The data centers are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. They comply with the guidelines of the Swiss financial regulatory authority FINMA. Customers can rely on a zero-error tolerance and need have no hesitation in entrusting their data to the professional service provider.

In the Gland data center, the data from two separate rooms is routed to the server rooms via the raceway using color-coded cable bundles. Cooling, fire protection, energy and emergency power supply are accommodated redundantly in two separate rooms each. The cooling systems each consist of four groups. Each of these groups could cool the surface of an ice rink. The nitrogen system for fire protection is also set up redundantly in separate parts of the building.