Named after Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov, the company is a Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer realizing the full cycle of aircraft creation – from design to serial production and complex after-sale support of the aircraft. It is most famous for the An-2 biplane, built between 1947 and 1960, and for the largest military transport aircraft in the world, the An-124 and the An-225.

The aviation designer has produced over 22 000 planes, including more than one hundred different types and variants of passenger, transport, and special-purpose aircraft, with pride of place reserved for its twin calling cards, the cargo giants “Ruslan” and “Mriya.” Antonov recently unveiled its new creation, the An-178 – a cargo aircraft with the ideal characteristics and design for aviation.

With high-tech companies like these needing modern, efficient cable and connectivity infrastructure, R&M’s solutions ensure the customer’s requirements are met.

The company’s passive network is to form the physical basis for the circulation of e-documents and will be implemented in the very near future. It is also to be used for several different purposes, with local computer and telephone networks for individual buildings, security systems, video surveillance etc., all part of a single system.

The R&M Security System has also been used in the project from the first to the third levels.

  • The visual cording that supports correct connections at workstations and on patch panels.
  • The mechanical-visual coding elements that provide additional security on a mechanical level for the special zones.
  • The mechanical plug-out/plug-in protection that ensures a high level of security protection for network connections. It allows access to be restricted to authorized staff only.

The second stage of the project involves renovating the industrial zone, which requires IP-protected components. The specialists at Synergia SE, the official distributor of R&M solutions in Ukraine, will therefore be working together with Antonov on future projects to ensure reliability in the aircraft and safety in the air for those on board.