The company has the industry’s most experienced and dedicated team of data professionals, optimizing value for clients through its global delivery model and with proprietary technology tools that reduce the time, complexity and cost of data initiatives. Together, Bitwise’s people and technology provide the insights clients need to continue to lead in their fields.

Rather than accepting traditional methods of data management, Bitwise developed an expanding suite of Excelerators – proprietary technology tools that take the time, complexity and cost out of storing, moving and leveraging data. These Excelerators are changing the way corporations think about the possibilities of data and transforming it into a core strategic contributor to the success of the enterprise.

R&M has helped us get a secure network with faster data transfer capabilities. We can rely on the solution provided by R&M and this will also enable us to have a future-proof network as well.

Harish M Shrivastava, General Manager IT Infrastructure, Bitwise CONNECTIONS

Other companies choose to do everything in technology. Bitwise is best in class in a multitude of areas: data warehousing, business intelligence, big data, and application development. In spite of fast growth, the company remains nimble enough to respond quickly and effectively to clients’ always changing needs. 

Bitwise is not just an outsourcing solution but a valued and integral member of its clients’ teams – proposing new ways to solve business challenges using breakthrough technology. As it advances the field of data management, Bitwise accompanies clients along the way, engaging them in new approaches and technologies that strengthen their competitiveness while bringing recognition to IT as an indispensable strategic contributor to success.

R&M and Bitwise

OM4 cabling

The IT team at Bitwise Global was convinced that R&M’s cabling was the best option to address network requirements. R&M’s network solution is future-proof, offers excellent transmission speeds and saves space. Other factors that convinced the client were the simple and user-friendly handling, the quality of the products and the security solutions in R&M’s portfolio.

R&M provided Bitwise with a Cat. 6 LSZH solution for horizontal cabling, an OM4 fiber solution for backbone and the cabling of approximately 2,300 nodes for a 13-floor building. With R&M’s network, Bitwise can ensure high-performance network connectivity and expect interruption-free connections. Bitwise Global is impressed with the solutions provided by R&M and the two companies will continue to work together on future projects.