On the way to a lights-out data center

Take a walk through the white space of a data center, where all the IT equipment is located. You’ll probably not meet very many people. In many modern data centers, you actually won’t find any IT staff at all. This is what is called a lights-out environment.

It is true that data centers can now be operated unmanned. But certain conditions have to be met at all levels to make sure that everything is under control without you having to worry about anything. The keyword is automation.

The advantages of automation

The data center industry really knows what it is doing when it comes to automation. It has recently become an expert in both remote management and intelligent IT management. The move toward a lights-out data center was a logical consequence.

This means fewer people handle more processes without sacrificing the quality or efficiency of data center operations. System administrators and technicians can continuously manage more servers while maintaining full availability.

All this is something that is urgently required. The new world of hyperscale and colocation data centers requires management capabilities to be scaled in the same way as IT.

And the physical infrastructure?

While servers can easily be monitored remotely or even from a home office, there is one question that has to be asked: What about the physical infrastructure? How can connectivity be managed automatically on a local basis without staff?

The answer: smart networks. We’re talking about an architecture that brings intelligence and automation to the physical network infrastructures of data centers and buildings.

With inteliPhy, R&M is providing the leading platform for smart networks.

What smart networks can do

Network professionals immediately increase capacity utilization, profitability, and availability with inteliPhy. IT managers gain total control over all ports and more.

The reason for the extended management potential: Smart networks help with the analysis and documentation of the physical infrastructure as well as with the introduction of standardized processes. All typical management tasks relating to passive infrastructures can be supported with smart network architecture. Work orders and audits can be automated.

The road to smart networks begins with the use of IoT technology at all connectivity, switch, and server ports in the data center. This enables every port to report its status and connection.

Once implemented, inteliPhy documents your entire cabling system. It maps the physical relations between all IT devices. This means you can easily see how everything in the data center is connected with everything else, down to the level of the individual ports! And to do so, you don’t even have to enter the data center or switch on the lights.

With inteliPhy, the smart network architecture that brings intelligence into the network, you can simply get started in your data center. It can be implemented with very little effort. And it helps to improve the overall operation and management of the data center.

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