The R&M Cube is a shining example of responsible industrial architecture, carbon-neutral low-energy construction methods, high-quality logistics, and a contemporary working environment. It provides plenty of space for growth. And it is the source of further innovations designed to make cabling tasks easier to handle and data and communication networks more secure and sustainable to operate.

Added value for our Partners

High Rack Warehouse

Smooth-running logistics are as important for our partners in building and installation projects as a flawless cabling system. The fully automatic high-bay warehouse with 4,850 pallet slots cuts down throughput times and increases our readiness to deliver to our customers.

Focusing on a single site also increases efficiency. The cubic shape supports business processes in the best possible way. The open-space interior design promotes the flow of information. Development and production work hand-in-hand and are able to put forward new solutions even more quickly.

Facts & Figures

  • A three-story glass connecting building directly links the high-bay warehouse at the rear with the logistics and production areas.
  • From a footprint of 3360m2, the Cube rises to a total of seven stories, including the basement. A patio area boosts the amount of light that penetrates all the upper floors.
  • Logistics are housed on the ground floor and the first floor. The middle floors are used for production, research, and development.
  • The top floors comprise meeting rooms as well as offices for innovation, development, product management, procurement and marketing.
  • A spacious staff lounge with adjoining terrace offers uplifting views of the Alps and the Zurich Oberland region.

Volume of Cube



Gross floor area Cube





metric tons

Volume of Warehouse



Gross floor area Warehouse



Used R&M Products

Round cable adapter 5x1.5






RJ45/s C6 module



Real10 S/FTP C7 cable



Green Building

Green Building

The R&M Cube sets new standards in heating, air conditioning, energy and sanitation technology. In keeping with our corporate philosophy, we opted for a particularly responsible, sustainable and ecological concept.

The R&M Cube is one of the largest low-exergy corporate buildings in Switzerland. That means the building uses as little energy as possible as a matter of principle; it utilizes the existing heat in closed circuits and dispenses with the infeed of costly fuels such as oil and gas.

Compared with a conventional concept based on fossil fuels, the Cube generates 80 % fewer CO2 emissions. The building complies with the Swiss "Minergie" standard and offers comfortable working conditions in a balanced ambient climate. What's more, the running costs are exceptionally low.

R&M Cube in fast motion