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Pushing the boundaries of optical connectivity. A study.

QXB. Key features and advantages

R&M addresses challenges with a steady stream of new ideas. To provide stimuli, the company showcases its ideas for future connectivity in the form of connector studies such as the QXB.

R&M’s QXB connector study is all about the resolute pursuit of high performance and resilience against contamination. Without compromise. It is about reaching limits and pushing boundaries of optical connectivity.

QXB. The most important benefits.

Time saving

  • No cleaning of lens necessary due to high purity fused-silica lens-array
  • No need for visual inspection and time intensive error diagnostics


  • Test results remain stable, even after several connects and disconnects
  • Increased fault tolerance with respect to mechanical fluctuations
  • Lower bit error rates thanks to anti reflection coating
  • Same contact pressure for 12, 24 and 32 fibers


  • Low spring force required for mating, independently of fiber count


  • 16-fold diameter for multimode
  • 7-fold diameter for singlemode


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