This forces companies to increasingly make networking and infrastructure decisions on the fly. This is sometimes called plan-as-you-go. Despite the obvious pitfalls of such planning, the partnership of R&M and California based Energy Group Networks demonstrates that this can be successfully navigated.

Because of time constraints and a desire for maximum flexibility, Energy Group Networks had not initially called out the cabling system in full detail when planning its new OpenColo data center in Santa Clara. Construction began in 2018 but the management was confident R&M would provide the appropriate cabling solution in time.

Start with Netscale 72

R&M recommended an FO infrastructure and the new distribution platform Netscale 72. At the time Energy Group Networks needed to move forward, only a prototype was available. However, impressed by what they saw and because of the relationship with R&M, Energy Group Networks ordered Netscale 72. To accommodate the construction timeline, R&M started production earlier than planned. This sort of rapid deployment is an example of Silicon Valley’s rapid pace at its best.

OpenColo datacenter can now utilize the distribution technology of tomorrow from day one. With Netscale 72, FO cabling can be densified to a high degree and can be changed, upgraded, or scaled in just a few easy steps. Netscale 72 supports several cabling philosophies, upcoming Ethernet generations, the largest leaf-spine architectures and digitalized infrastructure management.

When business partners trust each other and work towards the same goals, even a job as extensive a data center cabling can be enacted under plan-as-you-go time pressure. For more info about OpenColo check out

Energy Group Networks (EGI)

The California based hosting provider Energy Group Networks (EGI) has been active in the US market since 2003. The company focuses on the operation of highly responsive data centers for business-critical requirements. The offering includes dedicated server hosting using an international colocation space that is scalable with a rapidly growing business. EGI works with multi-homed facilities from upstream providers such as NTT, GTT, Cogent, and This allows EGI to ensure international traffic routing.