Invisible architecture

Although the winery was specifically built for the purpose of wine production, the idea was also to offer a vast audience of wine lovers the opportunity to directly experience the family’s production philosophy. Visitors can see how wine is created, from the vineyard to the bottle. Step by step, guests are introduced to all the phases of fermentation and aging. Besides showing how wine is produced, permanent displays also present the history of the Antinori family, art, and the region’s food and wine traditions.

Conceptually, the project is based around innovative architecture, which enhances the landscape, its surroundings and the cultural and social values of the wineproducing region. The winery is totally in harmony with the landscape. A vineyard covers the entire edifice, which matches the brownish red colors of the soil and has been constructed with natural materials such as terracotta, wood, corten (an alloy of steel and copper) and glass. Profound ties to the earth are reflected in the focus on minimal environmental impact and maximum energy savings.

Fiber to the vineyard

Besides wine making and storage facilities, the winery also houses a museum area, restaurant, shop and offices. The company offices, previously located in the family palace in Piazza Antinori, in downtown Florence, were also moved to this rural location. All these facilities rely on ultra high-speed, reliable connectivity to function. Systems and technologies used inside the innovative structure also follow the philosophy of full integration with the environment, high performance and high quality.

For this project R&M Italy worked in partnership with IBM Italy Global Technology Services. R&M contributed to the design, implementation and testing of the cabling infrastructure, relying on R&Mfreenet copper and fiber optic solutions. The best solution available at the time was proposed, offering a lasting performance. This resulted in a fully customized homogeneous solution with the highest level of quality. R&M has guaranteed that all ratified network services work as intended, including the transfer of 10 Gigabit Ethernet in accordance with IEEE 802.3an 10GBase-T and ISO/IEC 11801.

Best partner

The cooperation between both partners on cabling networks started in the early nineties and has been very successful, reliable and effective. Initially, R&M acted as a cabling supplier under a manufacturing frame agreement, gradually becoming a Strategic Partner for Connectivity Solutions. Today, R&M Italy provides cabling infrastructure connectivity and services for data centers, offices, industry and telecommunication, through a solution engagement agreement with IBM Italy. Services provided for IBM Italy include assessment, site survey, project design, delivery, installation, project management, link certifications, maintenance, assistance and training. Satisfaction levels are high for both parties, and R&M Italy is classified as one of the best partners in the IBM Supplier Evaluation Program.

IBM’s Francesco Bugelli says: “A special thanks to Reichle & De-Massari, whom I have known and enjoyed working with since 1994. Based on my own experience, I know for certain they are the best partner I have come across in Italy, in terms of reliability, availability, expertise and quality!”

The wines

The following wines are produced at the Marchesi Antinori Chianti Classico winery:

  • Pèppoli Chianti Classico
  • Villa Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva
  • Vinsanto del Chianti Classico