Founder Grégory Besson Moreau and his team want to overcome the barriers between the areas of building services management. And Power over Ethernet and R&M are helping them on their way.

Energie IP develops, produces, and operates new kinds of Building Management Systems (BMS). The principle: Data network, IT, Internet Protocol and Power over Ethernet connect building management and building technology. The copper cabling transports data, signals, and DC current with up to 90 Watts. Services and devices can be simultaneously networked, remotely powered, remotely controlled, and remotely monitored. Switches, driver modules, and sensors are developed by Energie IP itself. They contain innovative open source technology. This enables Energie IP to integrate any number of services into the digital building management system. Sales and Operation Director Antoine Cussac gives examples: «LED lighting, blinds and air conditioning (HVAC) can be controlled and remotely powered from the same interface.»


Proud to be a partner and providing comprehensive PoE know-how

When it comes to connectivity, Energie IP relies on the copper range from R&M. Among the preferred products is the field-terminable FM45 connector. With this innovation, installers on-site have the freedom to decide where they want to place connectors and connections – an advantage when it comes to flexibly connect different building technology systems with the data network. Furthermore, R&M includes its comprehensive PoE know-how in its new partner’s projects. As an innovation leader, R&M is proud to be accompanying this young player in the smart building technology market.

We want to simplify and optimize the end user’s comfort level by delivering a viable, safer, and greener solution for today’s office buildings and lay the foundation for tomorrow’s innovation.

Grégory Besson Moreau, Founder and CEO Energie IP