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Product Identification & Measurement

Constant Quality Control ensures best performance. Simply type in the serial number written on the patch cord and see measurement protocol of your products.

Our Connectors are the key components for a low loss, broad-band data transmission in fiber optic networks.

The constantly growing demand for higher data transmission capacities places exceptionally stringent qualitative criteria on present and future telecommunication networks.

Interconnectivity components are the key for powerful fiber optic networks. – Mechanical, optical and geometrical precision are the quality features necessary to reduce transmission losses to an absolute minimum at fiber transition.

How to identify your serial/workorder number

In the course of August 2019 we start a pilot with 50’000 codes on Grade C patch cords. If you get to see a patch cord with such a code, please give it a try!

Type the code into the field above, or scan it with your mobile device. In case your QR-code scanner does not work, please try the App “Scandit”:

In case you do not get any of those patch cords, but want to know how it works, simply type the trial serial number “AA00045150” into the field above.